Moon Lit LED Area Light

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 The Nite Ize MoonLit can be used and reused in countless configurationsits an easy, handy way to shine ambient light from almost any angle. Weve connected our famous SpotLit to a bendable, durable 18 Gear Tie, using a slimline stainless steel crimp connection. The long-lasting LED bulb has two functionssteady glow and continuous flashand emits light bright enough for reading fine print. Wind the MoonLit around tree limbs, tent poles, bed posts, or make a loop at one end and hang it from a hook for steady ambient overhead light. Set in flash mode and wrapped around bicycle handlebars, backpack straps, or even your arm, the MoonLit keeps you safely visible in the dark. Water-resistant, long-life, includes easily replaceable batteries - 2 x 2016 3V Lithium