Vital Stove

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Never buy fuel again, no hot ashes to bury! This Bio-Mass survival stove is designed for extreme situations. Burn any organic fuel - anywhere, anytime. Light, compact, and easy to store or carry, this little firebox creates no hot ashes, is very stable for large pots, extremely safe, and can be used in very cold weather. By using a special fan to inject oxygen into the fire, a forge like environment is created, burning organic fuel hotter and cleaner, leaving you with cold white ashes, and a hot meal. Takes 2AA batteries, that last 35-40hrs of cooking time. (can be used without batteries) Safer than other stoves because it doesnt rely on toxic fossil-fuels, either liquid or gas. Imagine, no more pumping, o-rings, or canisters. Just start a fire in the firebox, turn on the fan, and start cooking. Two speeds and an adjustable air intake lets you have precise control over the heat you produce. Boil water, cook or use as a campfire.

1- lb and compact, 5" x 8" x 2" high when closed, fits in a cargo pocket. Take it on a plane, and drop it in the lake, this stove can take all you got and dish out up to 20,000 BTU of sheer heat. Made in Canada. 
Approved by The Scouts of Canada.